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Friday, March 25, 2016

Loot crate theme for April is...

Loot Crate has delivered during the last months, and it looks like they will continue to do so. The theme for April is QUEST.

This crate will contain cool items from:

  • Harry Potter
  • Labyrinth
  • Uncharted 4
  • Vikings
I'm not a particular fan of any of these, but I do remember Labyrinth as a popular and cool movie with Jennifer Connely and David Bowie. This month looks like a give away.

 How it works

Subscribe to Loot Crate and get a $3 discount!

Later, awesome nerds!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Movie frenzy and Hardcore Henry

Lately I have been very busy with my studies and my project right now in my current course is to make my own blog website for this blog. Reason? I want total control of the layout. Blogger can not provide. The project is due this upcoming weekend and then I have another...pew!

Movie buff as I am, there is a handful of films coming out in the near future or has already premiered that I really need to see. My boys have their easter holiday from school, I do not(meh!), so certain movies must wait until perhaps the beginning of april before I can see them.

The three movies I like to cross off my list to start with is Batman vs Superman, never really liked the Batman movies much. Good enough films, but not my cup of tea. This one looks interesting though. London has fallen is another one. Maybe not a must see film, but I liked the first one (Olympus has fallen) and I will probably get my moneys worth of action. Allegiant is the third movie and I kind of liked the series and the first two was pretty good even though they pretty much fall under the same category as the Hunger Games franchise, just another approach.

To make my kids content, I probably need to take them to see Kung Fu Panda 3, with Swedish voice actors. Hate that, but necessary for my youngest.

Well there is also Henry...

I like new concepts in films and a lot of other stuff. Hardcore Henry falls under that particular category to say the least. I can't imagine anything like this has ever been made before. Thanks to The Reel Rejects and Ryan Right for the heads up on this.

Hardcore Henry is a movie shot in a first person view, like an fps game and the trailer looks freaking awesome! Scheduled premiere is April 8th. I am booked.

This is an action film form the eyes of Henry who is resurrected from death with a memory loss, the latter part might not be ground braking, hah. He must discover his identity and save his wife from a warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers. 

Hardcore Henry is directed by Ilya Naishuller and starring Tim Roth, Haley Bennett and Sharito Copley.

Watch trailer below.

Later, awesome nerds!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Zootropolis, vintage speakers and blog project...

As a full time student(distance learning), most of my time I spend on the computer watching lectures and doing assignments. Last couple of days though, my kids have been here and the studying has been on hold for a while. It is welcome.

My boys at the cinema
At the cinema
Yesterday we went to see Zootropolis, and I must say I did not know anything about it before hand. My boys(10 and 12), liked it and I did also. The plot I kind of like and many might say that the message of the movie is a bit plastered. At current date though, with all the hate everywhere, I think it is an important message to young people. Some can hate me for it and call me PC, but most people who does don't even know what that means so I don't give a ****.

Vintage speakers

I am a music nerd as well as anything else that can be labeled nerdy. Last week I found a couple of vintage speakers at a flea market in my hometown. The Stig Carlsson designed Sonab V-1. Speakers made by Stig Carlsson is a part of culture history and very sought after in the vintage hi-fi community.
My pair of Sonab V-1

The Sonab V-1 was manufactured during the late 60's and was called Popkuben (eng. The pop cube). It is a budget version of more expensive models, and it was branded towards young teens. The V-1 comes with a 8 inch woofer by Philips and is a bass reflex speaker. It is nothing fancy and the model is somewhat yelled at because every other model of Stig Carlssons designs is better in foremost three things; deep bass, frequency and stereo. The sound image is somewhat old. But still, it is a part of culture history when it comes to vintage hi-fi and I am a proud owner. The condition of my pair of V-1 is pretty good, but I will redo the finish of the box and rewire them. The cables will be replaced by shielded Supra Ply.

Blog project

My examination in the course Web 2.0 at Mid Sweden University is to construct a website with web 2.0 elements in it. The idea is to develop my own blog website, without any wysiwyg stuff in it. I want to be in total control of the content and how the page displays, that is why I'm doing it as a school project. This is somewhat hard with things like blogger and wordpress type of portals. The layout work is on and I the functions will be implemented with PHP and Ajax. Hopefully it will come out great and I will have  a blog site with total control in the future.

Later, awesome nerds

Saturday, March 5, 2016

No Loot Crate yet....gaah!

Well, Swedish customs is now officially the most sluggish customs office in the world. I mean how hard can it be? A Loot crate. God damn it. Check out what it is, let a narc dog take a whiff and be done with it! My February Dead theme Loot Crate has been with Swedish customs since Feb 23 now.

Sorry about my absence from the blog lately, and twitter also in some way. As many of my readers know I am a full time student and I had a period of hard studying last couple of weeks. That's the reason, but I will better myself.

Star Wars Rebels is a favorite of mine. The last episodes have been awesome and you really feel the connection with the original movies now. I love it. Buying all the seasons on blue-ray later. The 100 I also follow and like but I am a little afraid it is getting Lost-sickness, yeah I call it that when shows just derails into total craziness. I think the hologram girl is a little too weird.

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin

Saw Deadpool last weekend, finally. Many have said before hand that will be a bad movie, as of some of my friends that did not want to go see it. My buddy Björn to the rescue. He wanted to see it so we went.

I will occasionally review movies, but this blog is not about reviews in the common sense so I will not grade movies in anyway, just tell you what I liked and disliked about them. Deadpool I really liked for the fact that it makes fun of itself as a movie. The jokes may be rather simple, but they work and the chemistry between Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin is actually really great. The comedy aspect of the movie is its strength and in the long run also its weakness. It is not going to be a movie you see over and over again, the jokes will wear out too fast eventually. I will probably by the blue-ray at some point.