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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nico Svensson is the new Swedish Cosplay Champion

Photo, courtesy of Nico Svensson
Yesterday's Swedish Championship of cosplay gave the audience a very high standard, in my opinion - the highest ever in this contest. The costumes had a high level of accuracy and detail than ever before and there was no sure winner. Any of the ten finalists could have won.

Finally the jury crowned 22-year old Nico Svensson as  the winner with their cosplay of Eileen the crow from Bloodborne. 

Runners up was Beatrice Krüger with her cosplay of Lana from Hyrule Warriors, and  Linn Eriksson with Margaery Tyrell's weddingdress from Game of Thrones - the latter featured in this article.

Hello Nico, and congratulations to the victory!
Thank you very much!

I watched the show on TV, and I must say you looked surprised when they announced you as the winner.
Yes, I did not really expect to win. We said to each other before that this is an even race. Every one was so incredibly good.

So have things changed this week after your win? 
It has been a little hectic. Everything happened so fast just over a night and I have got invitations to conventions and workshops. It's not a lot but I have had no experience of these sort of things before, so it's kind of a chock. It's a little different, but I'm getting used to it. I have done cosplay since I was 14-15 but I haven't been competing until a couple of years ago.

Photo, courtesy of Nico Svensson
Tell me about you process when you chose a character to cosplay. 
First and foremost I look at design. If it's a cool one I go with it and if it's character I like, it's a bonus. I like working with designs.

How do you think the Swedish Cosplay community is?
I think it's very nice and inviting. Everyone is very friendly and keen for everyone to have a good time and that it should be fun.

You will now represent Sweden in the Nordic Championship next year. What is your feeling about that?
Exciting and scary at the same time. I feel some performance anxiety since I need to enter with something bigger and better than last time. But it will be fun and exciting.

Any ideas for a character?
Yes, I have started to think about it but I will not reveal it officially until I'm absolutely certain I'm doing it. 

Finally, I would like to know if you have a dream character to cosplay?
Yeah, I have a dream character but I'm not sure when I'm going to use it. The character is Dream, pun intended,  from Sandman. The design I'm doing is very much my own so I probably can't use it in a big contest. But it is a costume I really want to do.  

Thank you very much for the chat Nico.
Yes, thank you. 

 Visit Nico's Facebook page.

Later awesome Nerds!