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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Work in progress...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a true fanboy. I am also a full time student at Mid Sweden University where I attend the web development program since last fall. It's a distance program, and sometimes tough when you are quite at the mercy to yourself and sometimes it feels as if you do not meet people  sitting at home in front of the computer most of the time. Programming can be a difficult thing to learn when there is much information to take in, and when I sit still very much I get some sort of craving to work with my hands, even if only for a short time to get a break from a book or a recorded lecture.So here is when the advantage of my interest including collectibles and cosplay comes in. For a time, I have been searching materials for a costume that I want to do as well as props to this, and in October last year, I started a little in my small spare time (very few). Work has begun but I do not hurry because this is my first project and I'm trying to learn as I go. See pictures of the project to the left and below. Any guesses what it could be?  

I reveal nothing, but there will be a full article / tutorial on the project when it is finished.

The X-files, bear attack and TFA...again!

The X-files started the other week. It should be said that I was never a total fanboy of the series, although I liked it. Not to say that the new epidsodes were bad but I was not really impressed and it feels as if it is cast in the same mold slightly. However, will watch it further of course.

 I saw The Revenant also recently. A movie I really like, and it should be said that I like Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor. The movie is pretty long but did not feel as so. The cinematography is nicely composed and the scene with the bear attack .... wow! No real bear was used in the scenes, it is entirely made with CGI. Good work by ILM!The next film on my watch list is Deadpool. Believe it goes up in theaters next weekend in Sweden. I like hero movies in general, but Deadpool's little different and more blunt than other superheroes....and he's looking cool.It's no secret that I'm a big Star Wars fan either. Have already seen TFA twice, which is certainly few times unlike other fanboys and fangirls. Know some who have seen it 10 times already. At the end of the month I'll make it for the third time in IMAX 3D. Since I live in a small town, it means a 1.5 hour trip to Stockholm, which has the nearest Imax cinema.

Until next time, fanboys and fangirls....

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