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Thursday, February 25, 2016 - An experience is the new way to give a fanboy or a fangirl a great gift

Experience a zombie apocalypse with friends and loved ones
Gadgets and cool stuff are all great, but experiences have for several years been a new, modern and popular way of giving someone a gift for a birthday, graduation, bachelor- or bachelorette party. So where do you turn? will give you a wide base of just the right kind of experiences, and all beyond the ordinary. They offer everything from skydiving, brewing, improvisational theater and rafting in a wild river to brunch cruises and a tranquil Segway runs. So now fangirls - you have found the place where you can find a gift for your special fanboy in the shape of an experience he will never forget. Believe me.  

Drive the Swedish armored tank FV 432
How about becoming an action hero for a while to be able to drive the Swedish armored tank FV 432? An interactive zombie apocalypse experience portrayed by talented actors in an environment that will frighten anyone, not only the weak harted? These two are my favorites, but there are many more to choose from.

What about the fangirls?

Well, we live in a modern society and I'm absolutely sure many girls think: But what about us? We want to go too! Have faith. Fanboys, I'm talking to you now.  You have here every opportunity to let your special fangirl join you on your fantastic adventure, or return the gift at a later date. Experiences provided with a little more girly touch are available of course, but I know for a fact that many girls would love to drive a tank, go skydiving or brew some...ah well...brew.

Later, awesome nerds!


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