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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Give a massive community support to Cos Culture Magazine at Kickstarter

For my own part, I have for a decade been very interested and impressed by the cosplay culture but work, child raising and house remodeling has made me not able to engage very much personally until now. I believe that the cosplay culture is an amazing world and has a huge and dedicated community with very many talented creators who deserve great respect. I also like the fact that beginners will feel welcome in the culture and has the  same value as the experienced cosplayers and that there is a level for everyone. In Sweden, cosplay, is perhaps not as big as it is in the rest of the world even though it is coming strong. Through my blog I want to share the cosplay world as a whole, not least the Swedish community. The general public need more insight in this world and be informed how great it is.

Cos Culture Magazine

Cos Culture Magazine (CCM) is an independent print and digital publication with the same dedication and goal as myself. As a single person, I can not do much, but combined, WE can. I mean this is a community who love what they do.
The CCM is created and published by Nikko Marie through her independent creative media publishing company NH Creative Inc. Nikko is the driving force behind the magazine and its vision, and she is behind it all the way working as editor, marketer, publisher, researcher, and graphic designer. The magazine is slowly building a group of supporters who help make the magazine the best it can be.

Each issue contains work of different cosplayers, photographers and prop-makers/artists. Interviews, tutorials and stunning photography is kind of a benchmark. The first edition was released in summer 2014, and did receive massive support and positive feedback from the community.Since then two more print issues is released, as well as 9 digital issues through their website.

The uniqueness of CCM

"We've focused on themes such as gender stereotypes and identity confidence in cosplay, and have a number of great stories to share in future issues, including one woman’s story of how she overcame her depression and anxiety through cosplay. We focus on the craft, dedication and passion that is involved in this hobby, and are eager to share more of this amazing community with our readers. We are a very small company, and as such can guarantee that our core values of non-discrimination, positivity and inclusivity will be maintained throughout the duration of the publication".

Support CCM on Kickstarter! 


The dedication, drive and know-how is all there. Support is the only thing needed. The purpose of the Kickstarter campaign is to raise money enough to keep the magazine alive, and to increase print publication to 6 times per year. All expenses of the magazine as of today is paid out-of-pocket by the magazine's editor Nikko and with no extra support the magazine's existence will be in danger. With more people helping, the magazine can maintain its publication, add new improved content, increase circulation and even bring new people on board. CCM also strive for an ad-free magazine and has so far managed to do so. The goal here is to ensure the maximum of cosplay related content as possible.

You can support Cos Culture Magazine at Kickstarter here.

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