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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Swedishfanboy is here!

Pretentious heading? Yes maybe. But this is no concept that I am normally associated with. Headlines can be difficult, however, now I have one anyway. About myself -  41 years old, father of two, full-time student and resident on the outskirts of a small town. As heard on my alias, I'm Swedish, but I have chosen to run the blog in English for a couple of reasons, among other things because I want to reach a wider audience and because English somehow fit the topic more than Swedish does. I am a person with a great interest in many things and have far too little time for those interests. Compromise is the key here. In this case, it has become that this blog will focus largely on my winter interest, ie, the most in geek world such as film, cosplay, collecting as a hobby and pop culture in general. I am a true fanboy if I may say so myself. Others might not say that I am, but I do not care.
 As I mentioned earlier is that I have too little time for all my interests, so this also applies to my geeky side. Foremost I am interested in Star Wars and have been since childhood since I grew up with the original trilogy and also collects the various toys from the vintage era, ie 1977-1985. 

 I also like other things in pop culture but are not as versed in everything. For example, I have never stuck for Star Trek, but I do not despise the fans of Star Trek for that matter (other than for an occasional joke of course). I can appreciate the phenomena from other franchises without for that sake to have vast knowledge or interest about these or even like to collect stuff from it.  

Anime is something that I have no greater knowledge of but I love the phenomenon, the characters, and have some sort of childlike fascination with design and look of the anime world. I have never followed any anime series slavishly although I have seen some of them. I have also played a lot of video games over the years but it is by no means a gamer other than on a casual level. Most likely, there are 12 year olds who are better than me in both World of Warcraft and Counter Strike and I am rather fine by that fact. This does of course not mean that I like the phenomenon less than those who may even live on their gaming. If I had to define my interest in pop culture as it is in large part about Star Wars. This is where my interest began. Moreover it is very much about film in general and often in the adventure fantasy and science-fiction realm, although I see a lot of movies in general. This has been expanded gradually and become sprawling over the years when I also taken a liking to such comic books and collecting primarily Star Wars toys but also other types of collectibles.

Music is a big interest I have and I collect vinyl records. This might not normally belong to the geek world but it is one of my interests, so it will be a part of this blog. I'm omnivorous in music but much will be about the direction I have in my vinyl collecting right now. Cosplay is a new thing I've become interested in, or more correctly, I have always been interested in it but small children to raise and many other things in life have given me limited time, of course. I am new to the area and was introduced to it by my Star Wars interest when I recently decided to make a costume from one of the films. This should go into production in 2016 and I have jumped the gun a bit. More on this later.

Have a great day nerds!