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Thursday, February 25, 2016

March Loot Crate theme revealed

I'm waiting for the Dead themed Loot crate of February which will arrive any day now, but until then the theme for March is revealed and it is VERSUS.

This crate will contain cool items from:

  • Superman vs Batman
  • Alien vs Predator
  • Daredevil vs Punisher
 How it works

Check out the Loot Crate 360 VERSUS theme video here.

Subscribe to Loot Crate and get a $3 discount! - An experience is the new way to give a fanboy or a fangirl a great gift

Experience a zombie apocalypse with friends and loved ones
Gadgets and cool stuff are all great, but experiences have for several years been a new, modern and popular way of giving someone a gift for a birthday, graduation, bachelor- or bachelorette party. So where do you turn? will give you a wide base of just the right kind of experiences, and all beyond the ordinary. They offer everything from skydiving, brewing, improvisational theater and rafting in a wild river to brunch cruises and a tranquil Segway runs. So now fangirls - you have found the place where you can find a gift for your special fanboy in the shape of an experience he will never forget. Believe me.  

Drive the Swedish armored tank FV 432
How about becoming an action hero for a while to be able to drive the Swedish armored tank FV 432? An interactive zombie apocalypse experience portrayed by talented actors in an environment that will frighten anyone, not only the weak harted? These two are my favorites, but there are many more to choose from.

What about the fangirls?

Well, we live in a modern society and I'm absolutely sure many girls think: But what about us? We want to go too! Have faith. Fanboys, I'm talking to you now.  You have here every opportunity to let your special fangirl join you on your fantastic adventure, or return the gift at a later date. Experiences provided with a little more girly touch are available of course, but I know for a fact that many girls would love to drive a tank, go skydiving or brew some...ah well...brew.

Later, awesome nerds!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

New toys for fanboys and fangirls, release on wednesday

A lot of toys and fun stuff is coming out this year, to the joy for us...hrrm... adults who still like these things.  I mean what the hell, it's fun. I will list some of the coolest stuff available tomorrow in US stores. I do not know release dates for other countries at this point.


Produced by: Hasbro
Item Code: DEC158472
In Shops: 2/24/2016
SRP: $10.99
Not a favorite super hero, but you can't
not like this one. Looking good.


Produced by: Hasbro
Item Code: DEC158473
In Shops: 2/24/2016
SRP: $13.99

I remember the TV-show from the 70's. 
I was just a kid back then and the show 
was awesomely exciting. Big fan of the
Hulk. A green man always looks good.


Produced by: Mondo Tees LCC
Item Code: JUN158846
In Shops: 2/24/2016
SRP: $200.00 
 Who does not like cool concept art? 
This statue is the first Hellboy-look
before the movies. Originates back to


Produced by: Underground Toys
Item Code: OCT152330
In Shops: 2/24/2016
SRP: $22.99

Well, Star Wars stuff...always
come in handy for a fan like me.
This mug looks like the one to own.


Produced by: Neca Toys
Item Code: JUN158408
In Shops: 2/24/2016
SRP: $119.99

I always loved the Predator movies, since
the first one. It is one of the coolest movie
villains ever. This looks like it will display 



Produced by: Underground Toys
Item Code: JAN162749
In Shops: 2/24/2016
SRP: $44.99

When the plush figures started
to show up in stores, I was a little
negative towards them and thought, well...
maybe for the kids. I changed my mind.
They are pretty cute things to have around.
This one even talks!

 Later, awesome nerds!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Star Wars Episode VIII principal photography has started

Well....when it comes to Star Wars it's rather easy to touch this fanboy's heart. Principal photography of episode VIII has officially started. To see footage, even though just a few seconds, is making me want more. I prefer it asap.

To see Mark Hamill as Luke again is of course amazing, and one of my favorite characters in The Force Awakens was Rey so can't wait to see more of her as well. Daisy Ridley is a fantastic rising star in my opinion. Can not do anything but love her!

So which movie will relieve the craving for the next Star Wars adventure other than perhaps Rogue One? 

Probably none.

Star Wars Episode VIII is scheduled to premier at December 15, 2017.

Later, awesome nerds!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nico Svensson is the new Swedish Cosplay Champion

Photo, courtesy of Nico Svensson
Yesterday's Swedish Championship of cosplay gave the audience a very high standard, in my opinion - the highest ever in this contest. The costumes had a high level of accuracy and detail than ever before and there was no sure winner. Any of the ten finalists could have won.

Finally the jury crowned 22-year old Nico Svensson as  the winner with their cosplay of Eileen the crow from Bloodborne. 

Runners up was Beatrice Krüger with her cosplay of Lana from Hyrule Warriors, and  Linn Eriksson with Margaery Tyrell's weddingdress from Game of Thrones - the latter featured in this article.

Hello Nico, and congratulations to the victory!
Thank you very much!

I watched the show on TV, and I must say you looked surprised when they announced you as the winner.
Yes, I did not really expect to win. We said to each other before that this is an even race. Every one was so incredibly good.

So have things changed this week after your win? 
It has been a little hectic. Everything happened so fast just over a night and I have got invitations to conventions and workshops. It's not a lot but I have had no experience of these sort of things before, so it's kind of a chock. It's a little different, but I'm getting used to it. I have done cosplay since I was 14-15 but I haven't been competing until a couple of years ago.

Photo, courtesy of Nico Svensson
Tell me about you process when you chose a character to cosplay. 
First and foremost I look at design. If it's a cool one I go with it and if it's character I like, it's a bonus. I like working with designs.

How do you think the Swedish Cosplay community is?
I think it's very nice and inviting. Everyone is very friendly and keen for everyone to have a good time and that it should be fun.

You will now represent Sweden in the Nordic Championship next year. What is your feeling about that?
Exciting and scary at the same time. I feel some performance anxiety since I need to enter with something bigger and better than last time. But it will be fun and exciting.

Any ideas for a character?
Yes, I have started to think about it but I will not reveal it officially until I'm absolutely certain I'm doing it. 

Finally, I would like to know if you have a dream character to cosplay?
Yeah, I have a dream character but I'm not sure when I'm going to use it. The character is Dream, pun intended,  from Sandman. The design I'm doing is very much my own so I probably can't use it in a big contest. But it is a costume I really want to do.  

Thank you very much for the chat Nico.
Yes, thank you. 

 Visit Nico's Facebook page.

Later awesome Nerds!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Exclusive with Linn Eriksson for upcoming Närcon Winter 2016

NärCon is Swedens largest cosplay convention with about 8000 visitors and participants every year (170 the first year, 2002) in SAAB Arena in Linköping. One of the greatest moments of the three day convention is of course the Swedish Cosplay Championhip. This is a prestigious  contest, obviously, and the cosplay quality of the finalist is always high.
NärCon is famous for its cozy, friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, sexuality, politics or how familiar you are in the culture. The event is completely drug and alcohol free.

If you are attending NärCon Winter 2016, you will not be unoccupied. NärCon will provide you with shopping, exhibitors from all over the world and special areas for you as a visitor to entertain yourself and your friends. There will be an Arcade hall with all the classic and new arcade games, AMV(Anime Music Video)- and CMV(Cosplay Music Video)-Contest and in the Artist Alley area you can buy and get inspiration from cosplay artist showing their own work. You can also visit lectures about anything from how to be a voice actor to cartoonist or a cosplayer.

NärCon Winter 2016 is aired in its full on SVT24 in Sweden and it is the first cosplay contest in the world to be aired live on TV.
I have had the honor to speak with last year's winner and reigning champion of Swedish cosplay, Linn Eriksson (Mayo-chan) from Stockholm. Enjoy this warm up for the Swedish Championship 2016 this upcoming weekend!

Photo: Shila Forsman Photography

Hello there Linn, how is everything?
—It is all good!

Last year you won with a character called The Emperor from the game Final Fantasy 2. This year you will compete with Margaery Tyrell's weddingdress from Game of Thrones. A little different than what you did before, what was appealing with this character?
—I have made the character before in other versions and this costume I was of course interested in doing when it was shown in season 4, I think. When I saw it in reality in an exhibition two years ago, I became really in love with the design and the amazing detail. For example, the roses on dress is all handmade and there are about 400 of them. It takes 15-20 minutes to make a single rose. The fact that Game of Thrones is a rather new show, the material still is available get hold of and I have used the same fabric, the embroidery thread, the same beads and so on provided you spend the detective work to find them, and I have now done that for the last two years.

How many hours have you put down, and will you be ready in time?
—I'm at the "crunch time" now and I have spent at least 1,000 hours on this costume. The last few days are basically about detail work that will not affect anything in the competition itself.

You are directly qualified for the Swedish championship this year since you are the reigning champion. Do you feel pressure to deliver even this year?
—It's a little toned down because I entered several times before, even if the competition is aired live on TV now. But I feel a little bit of pressure even if I don't think I will perform better than last year.
It's really about doing something that I think is fun and something I can feel proud of and keep my own high standards and not underperform.

The pressure comes from yourself you mean?
—Yes, the only one I compete against is actually myself.

Photo: Shila Forsman Photography
It feels as if the armor is the hardest to do when you cosplay, what do you think is the most difficult part?
—It depends a little bit on what the design looks like. I think sewing is in many ways more difficult, even though I have been doing it all my life. Regarding armor, it's fairly easy to correct mistakes if you work in plastic. With sewing it is more how different fabrics behave and less forgiving if you cut it wrong from the start.

How do you sculpt props? I'm doing a mask that I sculpt partly in clay and then make a cast. Then I use fiberglass for the mask itself.
—Clay is usually a pretty good solution because you can quickly see how the outcome will be and it is easy to correct mistakes. I've had a lot of sculpted details of the armor and similar things. Many times I  have sculpted from different types of foam. The best thing with cosplay crafting is that you can work in a great variety of materials and everything that works is good. Fiberglass is very good.

How is the cosplay community in Sweden do you think? I get the feeling that it is very humble and everyone knows everyone. Internationally it feels like the atmosphere is a little tougher. Do you think I have the correct image?
—It's a little hard to say. Sweden is quite small and there is a tight community, and I think  it means that most behave
reasonably well among others in greater extent. You have to be concerned about your reputation as well. This has probably a lot to do with the fact that Sweden has no cosplayer who is internationally known yet. It gets pretty drama-free here and everyone is a little more at the same level.

What would you say is a good beginner's tips for those who want to start with cosplay? 
—The best is always first and foremost to do something you are motivated by. Not just because something is cool, but also because it's a character you like. Motivation comes from two directions,  because it is fun to do and it will be cool. Should you not combine them, the fun is lost in a way.

A big good luck for Linn this Saturday the 13th in her efforts to defend the title!
Linn is also the first contestant to enter the stage.

Later, awesome nerds!