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Saturday, January 16, 2016

First two weeks....

So the blog has been running for about two weeks and I got really great feedback from readers, especially on twitter, and I've received a lot of ideas for future content and articles. A big thank you to everyone that contributed and pointed me towards interesting directions.

Earlier I wrote a post about Loot Crates upcoming monthly them "Invasion" and they did post their theme video for January. Let's say it didn't get less interesting than it already is. Check out the video on the left. Hopefully my Loot Crate will come a little earlier this month. December with all the holidays did slow down the last delivery a bit. I mean it is a little like Christmas once a month.

One of the franchises represented  in this months crate is The X-Files and we are looking forward to the upcoming reboot of the show starting on Fox January 24th. There are far more greater fans than me for The X-Files, but I did like the show, followed it and also have seen the two movies. I have not heard which channel here in Sweden that will pick it up but a fair guess is TV4 who aired the original show. Not more than a couple of days behind I hope. I will see it in some way though.

Another show is starting with its 6th season later this spring, on April 24th. Yes its The Game of Thrones people! This is the type of show I normally do not follow, but what the is contagious. The big Jon Snow alive?

Some news that makes me proud and happy as a Swedish person is the fact that makeup artists Love Larson and Eva von Bahr have been nominated for an Academy Award for Makeup & hair styling in the Swedish movie The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window and Disappeared. It is truly amazing how they transformed actor Robert Gustafsson to make him look like he is 100 years old. I sure hope they win! I will try to get a hold of them for an interview.

Later awesome Nerds!