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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Zootropolis, vintage speakers and blog project...

As a full time student(distance learning), most of my time I spend on the computer watching lectures and doing assignments. Last couple of days though, my kids have been here and the studying has been on hold for a while. It is welcome.

My boys at the cinema
At the cinema
Yesterday we went to see Zootropolis, and I must say I did not know anything about it before hand. My boys(10 and 12), liked it and I did also. The plot I kind of like and many might say that the message of the movie is a bit plastered. At current date though, with all the hate everywhere, I think it is an important message to young people. Some can hate me for it and call me PC, but most people who does don't even know what that means so I don't give a ****.

Vintage speakers

I am a music nerd as well as anything else that can be labeled nerdy. Last week I found a couple of vintage speakers at a flea market in my hometown. The Stig Carlsson designed Sonab V-1. Speakers made by Stig Carlsson is a part of culture history and very sought after in the vintage hi-fi community.
My pair of Sonab V-1

The Sonab V-1 was manufactured during the late 60's and was called Popkuben (eng. The pop cube). It is a budget version of more expensive models, and it was branded towards young teens. The V-1 comes with a 8 inch woofer by Philips and is a bass reflex speaker. It is nothing fancy and the model is somewhat yelled at because every other model of Stig Carlssons designs is better in foremost three things; deep bass, frequency and stereo. The sound image is somewhat old. But still, it is a part of culture history when it comes to vintage hi-fi and I am a proud owner. The condition of my pair of V-1 is pretty good, but I will redo the finish of the box and rewire them. The cables will be replaced by shielded Supra Ply.

Blog project

My examination in the course Web 2.0 at Mid Sweden University is to construct a website with web 2.0 elements in it. The idea is to develop my own blog website, without any wysiwyg stuff in it. I want to be in total control of the content and how the page displays, that is why I'm doing it as a school project. This is somewhat hard with things like blogger and wordpress type of portals. The layout work is on and I the functions will be implemented with PHP and Ajax. Hopefully it will come out great and I will have  a blog site with total control in the future.

Later, awesome nerds

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