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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Nordic Museum(Nordiska museet)in Stockholm hosts cosplay contest

Well I am not worthy, but looking forward to see the results of this upcoming contest!

During five months, Nordiska Museet in Stockholm (Nordic Museum) is hosting a contest where creative cosplayers create costumes for the theme folklore beings. Here you can follow the participants' work until The Swedish Cosplay Championship (Cosplay-SM) in March 2017. Here you can also immerse yourself in the subject of folklore beings with the help of the Nordic museum experts, collections and archives.

Conditions of contest

If you are applying for the contest, you must be at least 15 years old and live in Sweden. Participants are expected to share their creative process in social media. Nordic Museum has the right to disseminate the participants' pictures, and the museum's own descriptions of the process and the costumes, in social media and on the museum's website. Participants are expected to display their costume at The Swedish Cosplay Championship 2017 in Stockholm.

In order to take part in sponsorship money for the costumes, you need to be able to bill the museum through your own company, or (if you have no company) through online billing services such as Freelance Finance. We will help you to use the service if new to it.


Creating the costume

The creative process begins after the selected participants first information meeting, where participants can share information about the theme and conditions.

The participant shall create his own suit without outside assistance.

The contest is formost a crafts contest, which means that completely bought costumes are not allowed. Few details and modified components may be included in the suit as long as the participant is able to describe the work around the parts purchased or modified.

The contest encourages all or part originally designed characters. Feel free to use the museum's source material to create your own interpretation of your folklore being.
It is allowed to create the outfit for a model, which then also expected to show off the suit during the evaluation and demonstration.

The suit may not violate Swedish law.

The judging

  •  The costume will be assessed by a jury in a closed room.
  •  During the assessment the participant should be wearing the suit itself, or have a model show it.
  •   The contestants will then be able to account for both the creative and technical process behind the suit (ie the participant's interpretation of the theme "Folklore Beings", the participant's vision and how he then chose to portray this through his craft).
  •      Participants are encouraged to share their "work in progress" pictures, films and other materials during evaluation. Reference materials will be prepared by the Nordic Museum.

During the assessment points are awarded according to the following model:

Craftsmanship: 0-15p
The suit's crafts; workmanship, choice of materials, techniques, etc. will be assessed.

Interpretation of the theme: 0-10p
We assess how the suit is linked to the theme "Folklore Guard and Nordic Lights" and the interpretations
of the source material made by the participant. Creativity and originality are encouraged!

Display of costume

As a participant in the contest you are expected to show off your costume on stage during The Swedish Cosplay Championship in 2017 and do a short catwalk / interview and during the price ceremony. However, this will not affect the outcome of the contest.

Preserving the costume for the future

It is desirable that the participants within a year from the end of the contest leaves the suit to The Nordic Museum's costume collection, to be preserved for the future (optional).

Later, awsome nerds!

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