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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekend almost over, bought some stuff at Närcon Gävle

Yours truly trying hats...
So as mentioned before, Närcon's first convention in Gävle (where I live close by) and before hand I new that this might be in a smaller scale than other conventions. I liked it though, and I am sure that Närcon wish to continue to have this event in Gävle annually. I sure hope so, and it sure has potential to grow bigger. The estimate for the weekend was 1000 visitors and I think that is pretty good for a first time.

Unfortunately the master cosplay contest was cancelled due to last minute drop outs. Too bad, I had been looking forward to this.

Well, myself and my girlfriend did go through the vendors quite a few times. We are both suckers for collectibles and the basic nerd stuff. I got an ear infection Friday night so I wasn't really in shape for the long run so we browsed through the convention a couple of hours on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. That satisfied me enough.

Point outs of Närcon Gävle 2016

  • There was a vaste number of Pokémon GO stuff available among the vendors (No shit?)
  • There was a German guy selling exclusive collectible figures, oh my god the prices!
  •  A Polish guy had the best merch in form of variety, anything from coasters to pillows.
  • Anime prints seemed to be the best seller this weekend(I think someone bought nine of them).

We also got some Japanese candy. More on that another day...

Later, awesome nerds!

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