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Saturday, November 5, 2016

First day of MCM ComicCon Stockholm 2016

Scandic Victoria Tower
We arrived to Stockholm yesterday already (Thursday), just for the fact that on Novermber 3rd we celebrated our first year together. Nothing fancy, a three course meal at the hotel and a movie after. The movie we went to see was The Girl With Many Gifts. Not bad...but a little wierd. Pretty damn tired since I got an ear infection with horrendous amount of pain last weekend and that I am eating antibiotics that makes me really dull, we crashed in bed somewhat late.

The hotel by the way, Scandic Victioria Tower, is amazing. It is a three star hotel, but it is the tallest hotel in northern Europe with 34 floors and standing 117,5 meters tall. All glass ofcourse. Some people do not like these kind of structures but I think they are cool. The view over Stockholm is magnificent.

Today was the first day of Comicon Stockholm, and it is right next door to our hotel. Great venue, and a hell of a lot to see...and buy ofcourse, duh! We pretty much browsed through the vendors this day to maybe do some buys tomorrow. I got myself a couple of novels since I have started reading before bedtime again. Malin (my gf) made some christmas shopping.

Cool stuff to see aswell, among other things a full size Jabbba The Hutt and an iron throne replica from Game of Thrones!

We also went to a Q&A with Linda Le aka VampyBitMe. I enjoyed her cosplays for a while now and I think she is doing a great job. Now after I have seen her live and heard her speak about how she look on herself as an artist and cosplay in general, I think she seems really down to earth, kind and eager to share her knowledge to others. I am for sure getting an autographed print from her tomorrow, and I will attend her second Q&A ofcourse.

We'll see tomorrow what eventual shopping takes us. Many cool items to want I¨ll say =)

Later, awesome Nerds!

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